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An Entity of Type : era:Track, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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  • I
Nominal track gauge
Temperature range (maximum)
Temperature range (minimum)
Rail inclination
Use of eddy current brakes
Use of magnetic brakes
Minimum wheel diam... obtuse crossings
Maximum contact wire height
Minimum contact wire height
Permitted contact strip material
GSM-R version
GSM-R use of group 555
Accepted TSI compliant pantograph heads
Automatic dropping device required
EI declaration of ...n for track (ENE)
  • ES/00000Q2801660H/2009/000013
EI declaration of ...rack/siding [INF]
  • ES/00000Q2801660H/2009/000041
ETCS infill necessary for line access
ETCS national pack...ation implemented
No GSM-R coverage
Optional GSM-R functions
Existence of opera...ons or conditions
System separation
Maximum train deceleration
Not applicable
Phase separation
GSM-R existence of...o public networks
Existence of switc...ems while running
Existence of switc...ent radio systems
Train integrity co...y for line access
EC declaration of ...n for track (ENE)
  • ES/00000Q2801660H/2010/000001
  • ES/00000Q2801660H/2009/000013
EC declaration of ...rack/siding [INF]
  • ES/00000Q2801660H/2009/000041
  • ES/00000Q2801660H/2010/000001
Use of flange lubrication forbidden
Gradient profile
Existence of level crossings
Existence of severe climatic conditions
Belonging to a quieter route
Maximum altitude
  • +0484
TEN classification...tform, of siding)
Not yet available
Identification of track
  • I
Has abstraction
Normal running direction
Temperature range
Accepted other pantograph heads
EC declaration of ...n for track (CCS)
  • ES/00000Q2801660H/2010/000004
  • ES/00000Q2801660H/2009/000014
  • ES/00000Q2801660H/2009/000015
  • ES/00000Q2801660H/2010/000003
Contact line system
Etcs level
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