skosConcept prefLabel altLabel
"UIC Radio Chapter 1-4"
"UIC Radio Chapter 1-4+6"
"UIC Radio Chapter 1- 4 + 6 (Irish system)"
"UIC Radio Chapter 1-4 (TTT radio system installed at Cascais line)"
"TTT radio system CP_N"
"PKP radio system"
"TRS — The Czech Railways radio system"
"LDZ radio system"
"CH — Greek Railways radio system (VHF)"
"UIC Radio Chapter Bulgaria"
"The Estonian radio system"
"The Lithuanian radio system"
"450 Mhz UIC (kanál C)"
"Analogue Radio Germany - UIC 751"
"RDZ -  in compliance with UIC 751-3"
"RETB (voice)"
"Radio Network of CFR"
"Shunting Radio Communication System"
"ZUGFUNK 2000"
"SRV — The Czech Railways radio system"
"Telecar 10/460 (AEG Mobile)"